Eating Vegan at Orlando’s Theme Parks

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Eating vegan might seem tricky when you’re on vacation, but Orlando’s theme parks have lots of tasty vegan options.

So I’m back with some more Orlando hot spots! Last week it was all about vegan food in town, but this week it’s goodies you can find in and around the popular theme parks. While I’ve already done write ups on healthy theme park eating, I didn’t get in to specifics and since Orlando is the capital of theme parks, I figured I’d get down to the nitty gritty!

Universal Studios

Ok, let’s start with Universal Studios. Seeing as how The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is the place to be these days (and I TOTALLY agree, it rules!), people are visiting Universal’s Islands of Adventure in droves.

While in the park, sure there are plenty of places to grab a quick salad but if you’re looking to sit down and grab a nice meal (that’s actually reasonably priced), you have to check out Mythos. It’s no wonder that it has won best theme park restaurant since its inception. A great menu that gets mega points for accommodating special diets. Right on the menu it tells you what can be made gluten free and/or vegan and there are a ton of tasty options. And like I mentioned, it won’t cost you the usual theme park sit down dinner price!

On your way in and out of the parks, you’ll be passing through Citywalk. They have tons of chain restaurants (most of which I’ve already covered) but the one that caught my eye was The Latin Quarter. Yummy Latin food for all sorts of tastes, they mix Mexican, Spanish and Caribbean so no one in your group is left out of the flavorful fun. And the best part is as they’ve got a bunch of options of veg heads! I had to opt for the veggie paella and was very happy with my choice. Oh yeah, it’s also a nightclub, woohoo!

Disney World

Alright, I’m sure you’re waiting to hear about the king of all theme parks, Walt Disney World. Well, I’ve covered the mouse’s house in the past but I haven’t covered Downtown Disney which is not only free to park and enter, it’s chock full of fun (without the big Disney price tag). Nightclubs, restaurants, shopping and even some fun activities, it’s a great way to get the Disney feel if you don’t have it in you to head into the parks.

If you haven’t heard, Babycakes NYC has staked their claim at this shopping and eating mecca. Vegan, gluten free and fabulous, there’s no excuse to curb your sweet tooth the healthy way while hangin’ out at the happiest place on earth.

Now if you’ve got a craving for some awesome Cuban food, you gotta hit up Gloria Estefan’s Bongos Cuban Cafe at Downtown Disney. With lots of veggie options and sacrificing none of the taste, Bongos is a ton of fun and super delish!

In a rush and not looking for a full on sit down, try The Earl of Sandwich for a tasty veggie sandwich or Fresh A-peel for a fresh salad or veggie burger (also lots of gluten free options too!)

But if you’re looking for all the magic and fun of the theme parks along with your meal, you gotta try T-Rex. Ok, it’s a bit on the pricey side but how can you leave mouse land without dinner and a show? Disney is great about accommodating special diets so if you let them know ahead of time, the servers will guide you through the menu so you can have a pre-historically awesome meal and still enjoy all of the fun!

And that’s a wrap (for now) on Orlando. I’ll be back in future travels and happy to report it all to you!

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Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by joanna8555

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