Eating Vegan: A Vegan Hanukkah Menu

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As you prepare to celebrate Hanukkah this year, make it a little greener with a vegan menu. Transforming your regular Hanukkah spread into one that includes plant-based components will spread joy, happiness, and good health to your guests.

Why Vegan?

The typical American eats nearly 300 pounds of meat each year, which qualifies as the largest amount of any country in the world. The most commonly consumed meats are beef and chicken, and these are two popular ingredients of a traditional Hanukkah meal.

However, there is growing evidence that demonstrates the negative environmental impact of such massive meat consumption, especially as it relates to climate change. Curbing your consumption of meat, not only just during Hanukkah but throughout the year, can have a powerful environmental impact.

Vegan Hanukkah Menuv

Having a vegan Hanukkah isn’t that difficult, and here are some ideas and recipes.

Latkes: What says Hanukkah more than organic potato latkes with applesauce or vegan sour cream on top? This holiday season, try some of these tasty vegan latke ideas:

Main Course: Forget the biscuit this year. Choose main dishes using healthy ingredients and plant-based protein. Here are a few great choices.

You could also go with a store-bought vegan roast and then spice it up with your own unique twists.

Desserts: No Hanukkah meal is complete some cruelty free desserts!

You can also bake some sustainable fritters or Soofganiyot using vegan, fair trade, and organic ingredients.

Next comes the hard part, which is convincing your friends and family to join you in a vegan feast. PETA has a helpful resource for that here. This is a great guide on how to approach your family with your vegan holiday suggestions. There are facts on meat consumption and letter examples you can use to explain your desire to create cruelty-free recipes this year.

Do you have any favorite vegan Hanukkah dishes? Share away in the comments!

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