Eating Moderately for Your Health and the Planet (and Your Wallet)

Last summer, I received a copy of the No-S Diet book for review on a blog.  The diet’s premise was simple enough: No snacks, no sweets, and no seconds except on days that start with an S.

At first, I scoffed.  How could I make it through the day without my afternoon snack?  Without my almost nightly dose of dessert?  But I was stuck working at a desk most of the day, and like a lot of people in that position, had seen my weight begin to creep up.  Plus, the concept seemed so simple–with no measuring, no counting, and no meal plans that forced me to run out to the store to buy a hundred different ingredients, I figured, why shouldn’t I give this a try?

I’ll admit, the first couple of days following No-S were tough.  Looking back on it, however, I think most of the difficulties were psychological.  Sure, I wanted to reach for something at 3pm, but a lot of that was out of boredom and habit.  I soon found out that whether my between-meal nibbles had been chocolate chip cookies or something healthful like apple slices dunked in almond butter, it was energy I didn’t really need.  If I was desperate, I’d have a glass of water or soymilk, but otherwise, it was three plates of food a day, except on Saturday and Sunday, which No-S author Reinhard Engels calls S Days.  Sure, my initial S Days were a little crazy, but after a while they mellowed out; I learned to choose my indulgences carefully and savor moderate portions.  And over the course of a couple of months, I got back down to a weight I was comfortable with.

The No-S Diet is an easy way for us to re-learn moderate eating habits in a time when over-abundance and -indulgence have become the norm.  And I think eating in moderation is beneficial all around, by helping…

  • …Yourself.  Most Eat.Drink.Better. readers pride themselves on eating nutritious, high-quality foods.  While grabbing a handful of raw almonds every time you pass through the kitchen will give you tons of healthy fat and vitamin E, it will also give you tons of calories.  Learning to eat moderately allows you to enjoy the foods you love while maintaining or achieving a healthy weight.
  • …The planet. Avoid buying extra of things you really don’t need to nix ending up with more wasteful packaging.
  • …Your wallet. You’ll save a lot of money when skipping out on those snack foods we’re always tempted to pick up at the store or market.  Plus, by only buying what you need, food won’t end up languishing in the fridge or pantry and going to waste.

While his paperback is out there for you to buy, Mr. Engels has created a great website that houses nearly all the information available in his book.  It also features a discussion forum as well as something really cool called Shovelglove.  What’s Shovelglove?  In hopes of getting you to check out the site, I’m not saying another word!

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