Eating Local with Help From GOOD

We talk a lot about local eats around here. John just wrote earlier today about how local farming could help revitalize the city of Detroit. Around this time last year, Carla went into some broader benefits of local food.

Whether you choose local to reduce your carbon footprint, connect with your community, or because you’re looking for the freshest ingredients, has a handy new tool that’s worth checking out!

According to the folks at GOOD, “produce travels 1,500 miles on average from farm to table.” They want to help you reduce that number, and they’re making it easy. Check out their awesome seasonal food finder! Use the key to find out when ten common fruits and veggies are in season in different regions of the country.

The GOOD tool is a great jumping-off point for folks trying to get the swing of eating food that’s in season. Looking for more ways to find local eats? At Sustainable Table, you can search by state and season for what’s fresh and local in your area. You might also check out Bryan’s tips for eating local, seasonal food all year long.

I’m sure there are some local food pros out there. What are your favorite ways to keep up with what’s in season?

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by boris

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