Eating Local in the Winter

Apples on a tree

During the summer months many enjoy taking the challenge of eating locally– it’s a great way to support your community farmers and eat fresher food, free of preservatives. There is no better way to support your local economy and gain control over what you actually consume, since in the U.S., corporations are permitted to include unlisted GMOs in processed foods.Β 

It may seem challenging enough in the warmer months of the year but when December comes around eating locally can seem closer impossible than anything else. Luckily there are some simple solutions to ensure great food all year around.

Many communities have winter farmer’s markets that offer seasonal produce, maple syrup and other goodies. You can find one near you by checking out Local Harvest and the Eat Well Guide.

Winter is an excellent time to be come an avid baker! There is nothing better than fresh bread, pastries and a warm oven heating up your home.

Try to cook meals from scratch as much as possible. You can easily make your own tofu, cheese or sauces from easy to find ingredients.

You can always grow smaller things in your kitchen, like tomatoes and herbs, not only will you be eating as locally as possible, you’re food will taste fresher and you’ll be saving money!

Do you have tips for eating local during the colder months of the year? Share them with us in the comments!

Melanie Kozlan is the Senior Content Director of Four Green Steps.com– Your one-stop destination for all things Green!

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by jsorbieus

  1. Stephanie Leach

    Thanks for the post reminding us that we can eat local, even in winter. I still buy local eggs, honey and cool weather crops. But I also freeze corn and other local produce when in season so that I can enjoy eating local produce later in winter.

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