Eating Local: A Home Made Upside Down Tomato Planter

Cherry Tomatoes

We’re all about local eats around here, and what’s more local than food you grew on your balcony or in your own back yard? With summer here in full swing, it’s a great time to get some tomato plants going. It might be a bit late to start from seed, but score some nice organic or heirloom plants from your local garden shop, and you’re in business!

Upside down planting is a really easy way to grow a lot of tomatoes in a small space, and IKEA Hacker recently showed us how to make a great looking upside down planter for on the cheap. Check it:

The tutorial calls for the Vastlig gardening bag, but any flat bottomed plastic grocery bag would probably do. If you’re a reusable bag hoarder like me, you’ve probably got something on hand that will work.

Once you’ve got your bag, you just cut an X in the bottom, create a “collar,” put in the plant and the dirt, and you’re ready to roll! For more detailed instructions and a picture of the finished tomato plant bag, head on over to IKEA Hacker!

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