Eating Green, Eco-Building & Earth-Friendly Underwear

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Why should you consider eco-friendly underwear? A lively show threaded through with the theme of eco-friendly underwear. We talked about organic cotton v. conventionally grown cotton and this gave us some great reasons to consider this type of earth friendly underwear and clothing in general.

We managed to squeeze in a great interview with Debra Secunda, the Eat Green Girl about being vegan and the Green City Challenge in NY that we were both involved with. GD Meg and Debra sat on a panel about eating healthy and green in Union Square this past Sunday.

We had guest green diva co-host Florence Block, executive director of the US Green Building Council of NJ in the studio and we did divert our attention from underwear long enough to have a meaningful conversation about green building with GD Flo.

Our feature interview guest was media fashion consultant and author of The Bra Book, Jene Luciani. Of course, we talked about ‘green’ bras! 

Guess what the Sleeping Naked is Green segment focused on? Bet you guessed it already . . . Vanessa Farquharsen’s October 19th entry was, “Buy organic cotton underwear.” Hear about stats on growing cotton and why we should consider organic cotton and some resources for organic cotton undies for the whole family. Hear just the fun 5-min segment by clicking here.

As always, please visit our website for LOTS of relevant links & resources from the show – Green Divas website.

Hope you’ll listen to this broadcast!

Listen to the show here!

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