Eat Well Guide Publishes Free Slow Food Resource

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The Eat Well Guide, an online resource for finding sustainable, local, and organic produce, released Cultivating the Web, a free publication that helps foodies navigate the vast online resources available to those seeking more sustainable food but who might be overwhelmed by the amount of information available.  Eat Well Guide distributed 20,000 hard copies at Slow Food Nation this weekend, and it’s available for free download at the link above.

Eat Well Guide director Destin Layne notes, “Although it may seem the most unlikely of
catalysts, digital technology is jogging our memories of real food and agrarian culture. We may
be going back to the land, but lots of us are bringing our smart phones and laptops along.”

What’s inside, and how can it help you?  For starters, contributors include Bill McKibben and Marion Nestle. But besides those names, the guide is not only filled with useful information, even for someone who is already familiar with sustainable food resources available online.  Cultivating the Web weaves helpful information with stories of examples of food activism involving the web, such as Food and Water Watch’s campaign against rBGH dairy at Starbucks or the success of viral videos such as The Meatrix.  They also give creative ideas for ways to use social media to help spread the word about food issues.  There’s also a list of several slow-food themed blogs which might have been more comprehensive had it included this one!

Overall, the Cultivating the Web guide is well worth a download and read.  It’s a thorough starting point for those needing help eating more sustainably or who are looking into food activism and outreach.

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  1. This is great! I intern for the Eat Well Guide–Thanks for recommending us on your blog! Did you know that Eat Well has teamed up with the Consumers Union, nonprofit publisher of Consumer Reports, to issue a Local, Organic Thanksgiving Challenge? We’re inviting people to take a spin on the Eat Well Guide to find local food and cook at least one local (preferably organic) dish for Thanksgiving, and share recipes at the CU site. Read more about it at the Green Fork. []

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