Eat Vegan on $4 a Day (Book Giveaway!)

eat vegan four dollars a day

One of the biggest complaints I hear about going vegan is that eating vegan is too expensive. We’ve tackled eating vegan on a budget around here, and it turns out that a vegan author has written a whole book on the topic!

Ellen Jaffe Jones is a vegan athlete and personal trainer, and in Eat Vegan on $4 a Day she shares tips on how to ditch the highly processed (and expensive!) vegan “faux foods” in favor of whole ingredients that cost less and are more nutritious. The book includes shopping tips, recipes, and menu plans to help you eat vegan without breaking the bank.

The super awesome folks at Book Publishing Company have offered up five copies of this book for our lucky readers!

How to Enter

It’s easy as pie to enter! Just make sure to like Eat Drink Better on Facebook, then respond to this post with the reason you’re interested in this book. We’ll count up the entries and announce a winner on Monday, August 29th!

Comments are now closed, because the giveaway is over, but we’ll announce the winners on Monday, August 29th!

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92 thoughts on “Eat Vegan on $4 a Day (Book Giveaway!)”

    1. My family is going through a lot of financial hardship right now and I’d love to have a book that would help me to provide healthy, affordable meals without compromising our values.

  1. We would love to have this book! We are a family of five with 3 kids and are currently transitioning our diet to become more plant based without any processed, preservative filled foods. I think book would help us on our journey.

  2. i just went vegan in october, but the hardest thing is finding recipes that i like, i am still eating the same things all the time so a cookbook like this will be perfect

  3. its not easy to live a healthy life on organic food here in germany – especially when you are on a low budget. and (as far as I know) absolutely no recipes on budget vegan food. therefore I would love to get a copy to create some healthy and nutricious vegan meals for friends and me – even on my low budget! XO

  4. I want this book, because I love the idea of it!!!! I just started realizing that I do not want meat in my diet, and as well the products of the animals. I already cut out the milk, and the meat, and I’m working on the cheese, I have change from processed cheese to raw cheese though. The book seems great!!! and a great way to learn how to spend my money at the store, which I am looking into co ops, and or a csa

  5. I’ve been eyeing this book for a while now and have already “liked” it on FB! I’ve just been waiting for my budget to allow me to add it to the fold. What I am excited about is finding inexpensive ways to eat a HEALTHY vegan diet without loading up on carbs and junk. I’d just love to test drive some of the recipes in the book — I feel like if I could find just 7 easy-to-prepare, low-cost recipes that are tasty and nutritious, eating vegan will be a breeze!

  6. I want to read Eat Vegan on $4 a Day so that I can learn how to make it affordable. Years ago when I ate a SAD diet, I was taught to cook a chicken on Sunday and use it in a variety of meals all week. As a vegan, I want to make it easier to cook healthy whole foods than to fry up costly store bought veggie burgers and fries.

  7. I’m interested in this book because my family and I plan on not eating meat any longer, but have a limited food budget in which to make homemade, wholesome meals with.

  8. I am SO interested in this book because I spend so much on food. My husband is not health-conscious in what he eats and so he doesn’t understand why I have to spend so much at the store for myself and our daughter. I would love to eat just as healthy but spend less!

  9. Everyone in our family is changing their diet as a result of my 36 year old brother-in-law suffering a heart attack about two weeks ago. My dad died at age 60 due to heart disease.

  10. I have been vegetarian for 15 years and plan on going completely vegan before I am 30… I need all the help I can get!!!! :) And this book has been recommended to me so many times… Also, my fiance has recently gone vegetarian and thinks going Vegan, though the right thing to do, is ‘impractical’ for our means of living right now… HELP ME PROVE HIM WRONG!!! lol โ™ฅ

  11. I am a vegetarian working on going vegan. I am having a bit of a time with money and have wanted this book since it came out! I have even started getting my t-Rex if a diet husband to eat some of my recipes. This would be wonderful to win! Thanks!

  12. i would LOVE to havw this book!! I want to start a Vegan diet but just don’t know where to start. i think eating meat is the source of a lot of my health problems

  13. I suffer from many illnesses including Lupus. After many years of attempting to make smal changes, I’ve finally transitioned to a vegetarian lifestyle. IN THE 1ST WEEK I FELT A DIFERENCE! I’m now interested in continuing my transition in the vegan lifestyle. Healthly eating ca be very expensive, but I get what I can. This cookbook would be a catalyst in my journey. I’m excited about the possibilities!!

  14. I’m vegan, but it does seem hard at times to do it on a low budget. This sounds like an awesome read, and I can share with my friends to help them along with their journey, too! I also am working on a blogsite called and I can use all the inspiration I can get. I also have no budget for the site, so free is awesome. :D

  15. I’d like to get this book for my son and daughter to share. I am a vegan and I am trying to get my adult children to go vegan, or at least eat less meat and animal products. Both of them are young adults on very limited budgets, and this would be a great tool for them to use on their journeys.

  16. I’m interested in eating cleaner and healthier. I’d be very interested to read a vegan cookbook written by an athlete. One thing that keeps my husband an myself from going vegetarian / vegan is knowing how to get the fuel and full nutrition for an active lifestyle without animal protein.

  17. Yes, Please enter me!!!! I found that it was quite expensive to set up a vegan household-however once the essentials are purchased (nutri-yeast-bradds-veginaise ect)
    the cost drops. Economy as it is, we are always budget conscious. So of course Im interested to try $4 a day vegan!!

  18. Please enter me! I’d love this book!

    I looked at typical ways to reduce my food budget. Popular advice was to reduce the amount of meat and alcohol that I buy. Well, I don’t eat meat and only use alcohol to make herbal tinctures. Looking forward to learning how to do it on $4 a day.

  19. I’m working very hard to live a more vegan lifestyle (with hopes of transitioning to fully vegan in the future). However, it gets tough with both myself and my husband paying off student loans. I would LOVE tips on how to make it more manageable with this book!

  20. Im interested in this book because my husband and I have both returned to school and must be frugal with our food budget but want to eat as many vegan meals as possible.

  21. I would love to win this book because I spend way to much money on buying vegan food. My husband (who eats a lot!) and I are both vegan and I always try and use coupons but those are hard to come by as well. It would be great to find out how to save money!

  22. I sure hope I win this book… I’ve been wanting to order it, but money has been tight and I have not been able to yet!!! After spending $150 at the grocery story today I sure could use this book!!!! Trying my best to live the vegan lifestyle and stay withing budget!!!!

  23. I’d love to stop relying so much on fake meats which are processed and expensive! Fingers crossed :)

  24. I would love to have this book so I can use it when talking with others about the wonderful health benefits of being a Vegan…you are correct that most people say it is TOO expensive to be vegan…even had one friend tell me she used to be vegan and her husband talked her into switching back to meat because it was too expensive…now she probably weighs at least 300 pounds and her daughter is following in her footsteps. I would love to share this book with her so she can get back to a healthier lifestyle to save not only her life, but her daughters life as well! Helping people with health is my passion and this book could really help me do just that!!! Thank you for the opportunity!

  25. I would love a copy of this book because I have been vegan for about 4 years now and just love the varity of different foods. I think this book might help me to condense my shopping list a little instead of me going crazy in the produce isle which is what usually happens!!

  26. I would love to win this book because I think it might help me to condense down my grocery list instead of me going crazy in the produce isle which is what normally happens!!!!

  27. I like Eat Drink Better on Facebook. My mother and mother-in-law are vegan and I would love to be able to make them healthy, delicious meals. Thanks for the great giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  28. What a great idea and timely idea for a book! Trying to be Vegan and trying to cut down on spending, so yeah, I’d love to have this source!! :)

  29. As a full-time mom and college student I am always looking for ways to cut food costs while eating healthy. This books sounds great.

  30. I’m a 61 year old overweight woman with a long history of horrible eating habits. Have changed my diet and have lost some weight. I know eat a diet that is 60 percent plant based and I’m now ready to make the change to 100 percent ……but not really sure how to start. This book looks like it’s just what I need.

  31. I am writing to express my gratitude for this book. I have been looking for a book that can help me solve that age old question ” What’s for dinner?” with out emptying my wallet.
    I am a out of practice vegan who is married to a bodybuilder. Lee likes to eat healthy but wants to maintain good results from workouts, and I want healthy meals that are made at home with love not by some machine down town.
    I feel that your book can help me do just that. I can learn how to make the things myself, feel good about what I am feeding my family, and save a little cash!
    Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Have a great day!

  32. I am a just-returned-after-25-years-of- meat-eating vegan. Things have changed a lot!!! Soy products taste sooo much better now! I need help producing great meals for my daughter and me. I am so excited to be “back” …I feel so revitalized after just a couple weeks!!! :)

  33. This book title caught my eye. Why?
    I am almost completely vegan in my diet, and gluten free. The home-cooked idea is great for me, as many vegan “substitutes” and products are made with wheat gluten.
    How does 4$ a day add up for this girl?
    I’m an unemployed student. Anything to save the small amount of money I have in my name.
    Why would it be in good hands with me?
    I cannot cook for beans, but I can bake. Learning to cook will be the next best thing I can learn, because after reading Michael Pollan’s books I am quickly learning the value of organic produce, especially how lacking in nutrients the processed food of my generation has been raised on. It’s time to make a change.

  34. I have been vegetarian for many years,and have recently become aware of the dairy industry and the pain inflicted on these farm animals.I am in the process of becoming Vegan,but need to educate myself on the way to stay healthy in the process.

  35. I am interested in this book and contest so that I can continue to spread the word on how economical it is to be vegan to those who have a lower income. I have friends who are low income vegans and I would also love to use this cookbook to help them.

  36. $4 A day? I can’t imagine!! Being a struggling, single Mom, the everyday challenge to afford cooking vegan is so hard. I love to cook and do so with passion, but trying to cook vegan from scratch ends up being so expensive. We are getting tired of rice and beans! Additionally, in talking about veganism to others, I get the same response…”It is SO expensive”. I would love to have this book, not only to use myself, but to be able to tell others about it! This is exciting!

  37. was just remarking as i checked in my local organic market that it is not cheap to eat healthily…a win would be perfect timing!!

  38. I decided to go vegan approximately 30 days ago to see if I could lower my cholesterol naturally, without the drugs that my doctor is suggesting. I have tried some wonderful recipes over the past few weeks, but it has been expensive buying the higher quality ingredients. No regrets though, I already have more energy and have lost some weight. This books is just what I need to keep things fresh and stay motivated.

  39. I would love a copy of this book! Im a single mom, i work full time and a full time student. I pretty much live on plain veggie subs from subway. I like to cook, i just feel overwhelmed when i try because i dont know what i’m doing!

  40. I’m currently a college student at Western Michigan University and have recently become a vegetarian within the last month due to the food they serve in the dining halls. With a low paying job at only 7.78 an hour and income of only 500 dollars, I’m always looking for ways for low cost but nutritious meals. Being a vegetarian is tough finding ways to provide protein and proper nutrients that I used to get through meat through plant based foods at a low cost that won’t break my bank.

  41. I just celebrated one year as a vegan (I was vegetarian for 7 years prior to that) and I love cookbooks and finding new recipes. I’ve read some great reviews of this book and I’d love to add it to my library!

  42. This book sounds like just the ticket I need to hopefully convince my husband that vegan is the way to go. I am unemployed going on 3 years, so he is the only “bread winner” for the family. Besides the health benefits, and the emotional benefits if I could convince him of the financial benefits of becoming vegan, perhaps I could gain a little more leverage in the ongoing “discussions” we have about him giving up meat!! Thank you for this opportunity!

  43. I would love to win this book! I find it really hard to make meals that my family of four will eat. Nothing is more frustrating than making a vegan meal and having my daughter cover it with cheese! I would love to break that habit.

  44. After a life-changing experience eating at La Mano Verde Berlin in Berlin, Germany, I am interested in learning more about vegan cooking … this book would be a tremendous way to bring into view the full spectrum of possibilities as a vegan– from eating out in exquisite restaurants all the way to preparing one’s own vegan meals at home cheaply… Indeed, in sharing the book with all of the vegans I meet here and there (and non-vegans), one major selling point would be that the reader will learn how to vegan cook cheaply, but deliciously, at home so that one can save money little by little for those occasional splurges whenever one is exquisitely blessed to find a gourmet vegan restaurant while traveling the world.. What a fabulous book this would be for just such a purpose!!!

  45. I would love to win this cookbook! I’ve been going a bit crazy with the food budget lately after a move to a new home, so this is just what I need to get me back on track.

  46. I am new to being a vegan, I only eat organic foods, and now I decided not to eat anything with a face…I would love to get a good start with this book…
    Have a great day,

  47. Well, yeah. It’s easy if you’re a Hollywood star, and have a staff to clean your house, shop for food, cook your meals, and do the dishes, etc., etc.
    Eating vegan for the rest of us is time consuming, expensive, and a pain, although not as much of a pain as it is for the animals when we eat them :(

  48. I have been back and forth between being vegan and a lacto-ovo-vegetarian for about 8 or 9 years now. I struggle remaining vegan specifically because of finances. Things have gotten worse with the economy, and I’d love to know what I can do to remain vegan and healthy while keeping to such a tight budget!

  49. Right now I spend between $215-300 on food just for myself every month and since I’m trying to get my own place now again, that’s just not going to work with my budget. I need a better strategy!

  50. Always looking to expand my vegan recipe base and doing it on a budget will be even better! Looking forward to a copy ;)

  51. Hi!
    I am interested in this book because I am passionate about cooking, healthy food & being vegan!
    I have been vegan for a little bit over a month now and I’m loving it!
    This book will give me new cooking ideas, inspire me and help me keep the grocery bill low which is awsome!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  52. We’re vegetarians, always have been 30 years back, but my youngest wants me to cook vegan for her. She picked up THE KIND DIET , not a lot of recipes and maybe if you live in CA and have ubermarkets to shop at one could find those ingredients. I am not impressed with it. I already just alter many of my recipes to be dairy free and egg free and make those work. But I would like this for her because she has no experience cooking, should be graduating from college soon and moving on eventually. A good basic cookbook is what she needs, with basic ingredients and some basic cooking techniques. I think this would be perfect for her.

  53. As a college student it’s always difficult to eat vegan under a budget and not resort to eating spagetti or veggie burgers every night. It would be wonderful to eat a healthy, balanced diet and still be able to afford all of my tuition and book fees as well!

  54. I’m almost in the same boat as Joe Cross from the documentary, Fat, Sick, Nearly Dead. I’m a meat eater transitioning into a vegetarian, but I would like to eventually become vegan. Any information that I can get in my hands would literally be a life saver.

  55. Hello, found out I am seriously diabetic with an A1C test of 13.6 which is super high . I don’t have insurance anymore and no means right now for insulin that I am told I need. Sorry if this sounds like I’m desperate but I think right now I am. I have been looking for a way to change my lifestyle but not sure where to turn. Help please, any advice on vegan diet would be welcome.

  56. Cancer survivor. I met with a nutritionist as part of the program at my cancer center, and guess what? The menus she worked out are almost entirely vegan. Boy do I have a LOT to learn!

  57. I’m always looking for tips on how to eat and get good value. ‘ve recent;y learned to ditch the supermarket and travel to the local markets. I need all the help I can get!

  58. I would love to have this book. I started eating better over the past year and half and have lost 50lbs. I still have a “weigh” to go. I bought a juicer and drink green smoothies everyday. I want to learn how to Learn how to eat Vegan on $4 aday… please choose me….
    Thanks for the offer,

  59. i am very interested in this book because most of my work’s done for love, not money, but i also love food,,,,and eating nutritionally and ethically is the best choice for me.

  60. $4 a day? In 2011?! I’m totally intrigued and excited! I love this idea and want to explore it fully. This could really inspire me to start eating most meals at home again. Awesome!

  61. I’ve been a Vegan for over twenty years and have just retired to become a full-time artist so I’m now having to watch the pennies or may be that alt to the cents and dollars so this book would be great to help in enabling me to stay within budget.

  62. I have always loved devising the cheapest ways to eat; with pen and paper, researching, making menus, etc. I’m a new vegan (2 mos now) and am always trying to do the same with my new way of eating, without name brands but with more staple – ish kinds of foods. So this sounds like my kind of book! I want this book! :)

  63. I’m a 450 lb 51 year old man with the beginning signs of heart diease. I have tried a vegan diet before but needed to know how to do it in a more cost effective way. I believe this book with support from others will help me get the weight off but more importantly – healthy. I believe I really need this book.

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