Health TIP: Eat Thoughtfully, Introspectively, Purposefully


We snack mindlessly. We cling to eating habits and patterns without question. We put unknown — and often toxic — substances in our bodies.

I’m guilty of all of the above. Are you? If so, I have a TIP: By training yourself to eat and drink Thoughtfully, Introspectively, and Purposefully, you can take better control over your health and wellness. Print it, post it, remember it.

Eat Thoughtfully, Introspectively, Purposefully

Don’t wait for a new year or milestone birthday to make a change. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives! What can you add to help our readers eat and drink better?

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4 thoughts on “Health TIP: Eat Thoughtfully, Introspectively, Purposefully”

  1. It seems I can’t comment on the relevant article. It’s dumb to close comments for old articles, btw.
    Going bonkers over GMO is also dumb. It’s already crossbred with so-called organic crops to the degree it’s indistinguishable. The real issue is copyrighting life. Monsanto wants to make it illegal to grow your own food. That’s how the Antichrist will control the food supply.
    Anyway, I just wanted to point out that I have the scarlet letter of a college degree and am therefore poor and around half of what I eat is expired food from my family.
    You need to freeze raw meat immediately and definitely don’t leave it in your car. If it’s in segments bigger than 3 pounds divide them immediately before you even freeze them. You’ll be glad you did later when you don’t have to thaw it to divide it into something manageable.
    Skim milk lasts up to 7 days after the sell date. But you have to keep it refrigerated, not frozen but colder is better.
    Most restaurant foods will last about a week. If it’s tacos, french fries or anything with lettuce in it reheat it in the oven at 170 F for a half hour.
    Refrigerate your bread. You can get a month out of it, unless you don’t have room and it’s always packed full with stuff they wind up just giving to me anyway like my parents. I never buy bread, people waste so much of it.
    Crackers unfortunately don’t last as long as you’d think. 1 year after the date tops.
    Canned food it depends on what it is. Usually up to 2 years after the sell date. People have dug up tins of lard from World War 2 and they are still perfectly fine.
    Boxed food like zatarain’s or hamburger helper, anything dry like beans or pasta, as well as cake mixes can get up to around 5 years past the date.
    Powdered stuff like powdered eggs, sugar, flour, spices can last a long, long time. Just don’t get them wet or have them (or any other foods for that matter) next to a heat source.
    Bagged food like potato chips it’s one or two years past the date,
    Peanut butter (and other oily things like salad dressing), maybe 3 years past the date. It’ll start to smell funny and you know it’s bad when the oil separates and forms a lake.
    Anything frozen probably will last about 5 years from the time you freeze it, but eventually it will have the moisture sucked out of the insides and collected at the top and it’ll have to go. Put everything inside plastic bags to slow this process down.
    Don’t buy expired food, especially candy (and drugs) from flea markets. It will get you sick.

    1. Hi there. We close comments on articles older than 90 days because we were having a serious comment spam problem that we just don’t have the manpower to manage manually right now.

      Thank you for your comment. I wish that you could have shared your opinion without personal attacks and name-calling, but thank you for sharing your tips anyway!

  2. And if you think it’s too old then you should think of poorer people around you that might want them. Recently my mom just carted over about 40 cans of stuff, and I used 4/5 of it. What little work I can get amounts to about $2 an hour, and that’s like working an entire day. All for stuff that people that still have jobs think they are too important to eat. Just don’t tell the government about it because they want a monopoly on charity and for people to stay poor and dependent, in the guise of health and building codes

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