Eat Better on a Budget

produce shopping.

Healthy eats are important, but sometimes it can feel like our budgets get in the way of our best intentions. When money’s tight, it seems like food is one of the first places a lot of folks cut back.

Luckily, healthy food doesn’t have to be expensive!

Grow Your Own, Cook Your Own

You don’t get more local than veggies harvested from your own garden. Whether you’re living in a house or an apartment, it’s possible to grow your own fruits, veggies, and herbs. Every tomato you grow yourself is one less you have to buy at the store!

Cooking at home is another amazing cash saver. You don’t have to make elaborate meals every night. A simple pasta dish or salad will do the trick on busy days, and you’ll save a bundle over restaurant food.

Cut the Meat

One really easy way to save money and eat better is to cut out, or at least cut back on, the animal products. Meat and dairy are so expensive!

It’s easy as pie to cook up healthy, meat free meals. With the money you save on meat, you can splurge on organic veggies, beans, nuts, and grains and still tighten your food budget.

Buy in Bulk

When you’re shopping for things like beans and grains, it’s much cheaper to hit the bulk bins at your local co-op. Dried foods like these keep for ages, and it’s a cheap way to stock your pantry.

Not only are beans and whole grains inexpensive, they’re excellent meat free sources of protein!

Do you guys have any tips on how to eat well while sticking to your budget?

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by anthonyalbright

  1. Jennifer

    Great tips! I would add: eat seasonally (that out of season asparagus from Chile doesn’t taste good anyway), and do whatever you can to reduce food waste — no sense in paying for food you don’t end up eating. Also, if you’re at the farmers’ market near closing time, you can often score some great deals on organic locally grown produce. My spouse and I (both vegetarians) eat healthily and well for under $50 a week.

  2. Rachel Shulman

    I do what many cultures in the world do: cut back on everything else before I cut back on food. :)

    My feeling is, why cut your food budget first when food is so crucial to your health and so pleasurable?

    Instead of eliminating pricey (but healthful) items like good olive oil, nuts, and wine, I cut back in other ways, like living without cable television.

    That said, I think these are all great ideas on how to eat sustainably!

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