Easy Way to Peel Potatoes in Bulk [video]

Easy Way to Peel Potatoes (video)

Looking for an easy way to peel potatoes? Like, a LOT of potatoes? Grab your drill (no, really), and check out this video!

Got a heap of potatoes that need peeling? Grab your power drill and try this DIY and easy way to peel potatoes!


I’m not 100% clear on how he fashioned this easy way to peel potatoes, but I did a little research, and these things look promising. At first I envisioned something involving a plastic (new) toilet scrubber and duct tape, but with a high speed drill, I’m pretty sure that would fall apart quickly. The list below seems like a rig that would be more stable.

1. A drill. Whatever drill you have now should be fine.

2. A drill brush. You guys, I’m a little bit obsessed with this tool now. It looks like it makes scrubbing tiles really easy, and I sent that link straight to my husband who now wants one.

3. A drill bit extender. The drill brush bit wouldn’t give you enough distance between your hands and those spinning potatoes. An extender like this should help!

On Peeling Potatoes

But here’s a thing. Do you need to peel those potatoes in the first place? While potato skins don’t contain all of the nutrients in these plants, you do lose a lot of a potato’s nutritional punch when you lose the peel.

Peeling potatoes also means you’re throwing away or composting perfectly edible food, which is no good! We’re not fans of food waste around here. But I know that you want your mashed potatoes to be delicious, so I’ve got a tip to help you skip peeling your potatoes:

For recipes like mashed potatoes and potato salads that call for peeling, try choosing thin-skinned potatoes instead of more traditional Idaho potatoes that have very thick skins.

Because y’all. The really easy way to peel potatoes is to skip peeling them all together!

Image Credit: Potatoes photo via Shutterstock

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