Easy Meals: 4 Tricks for Busy People

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Easy Meals

Who doesn’t love a homecooked meal, right? The trouble with home cooking is that cooking dishes totally from scratch can be time-consuming. On a busy weeknight, it’s tempting to order wasteful take out food that’s overpriced and far from healthy. Check out these tips and tricks to make easy meals and resist the call of the take out menu!

1. Cook Easy Meals on the Weekend

Weeknights after work are hardly the time that most folks want to start chopping onions and mincing garlic. Leaving the cooking for your busiest times is setting yourself up to fail. Instead, try cooking up big batches of weekend meals that you can portion out and refrigerate or freeze for easy meals on busy weeknights.

2. Combine Health and Convenience

Sometimes what you’re craving is greasy restaurant food, and that’s OK once in a while! When cravings strike, combine a healthy main dish with convenient comfort food. For example, you can cook up some homemade veggie burgers and pair them with pre-made fries like these from McCain.

3. Soup and salad are your friends!

Throw together a pile of veggies, toss in some rinsed, canned beans, and top with your favorite bottled dressing, oil and vinegar, or lemon juice. Bam! Supper.

If salad’s not your thing, you can also make very easy soups in under 20 minutes. Here are a few easy soup recipes to get you started:

4. Be a Veggie Cheater

When time is of the essence, cutting a head of broccoli into florets or peeling and chopping carrots are probably not how you’re looking to spend your few precious minutes in the kitchen. Choose pre-chopped organic veggies to throw into easy dishes, like the soup and salad ideas above. You can also buy whole produce and chop it up before you put it in the fridge, so it’s ready to go when you are.

How do you guys stock your kitchens, so that you can throw together easy meals on busy nights? Let’s share more tips in the comments!

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  1. On the weekends, I will take a little time (usually Sunday mornings, with good music and coffee on to ease the pain) to make batches of not just soups, but also marinara sauce, a jar of homemade salad dressing for a quick kitchen-sink salad, and/or especially a batch of beans of one kind or another in the crockpot. Usually it’s black beans, when during the week can be made into quesadillas, burritos, soup, black bean burgers, etc. in a flash. THANK YOU for linking back to the Jerusalem Artichoke soup recipe. Mine are ready to dig and I needed something yummy to do with them :)

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