Easy Edible Garden Tip: Growing Green Onions

Growing green onions is easy as pie. All you need to do is save the bottoms from a bunch of green onions that you bought for cooking!

growing green onions in a raised bed
Green Onion Family: Papa Onion, Mama Onion, and Baby Onion

I know, this isn’t a new idea, but since our CSA has been sending green onions (aka scallions) to us pretty regularly now, I thought it bore repeating!

Green onions often come with their roots intact, and next time you’re chopping them up for your supper, don’t toss the ends into the compost! Instead, stick them in a glass of water by a sunny window for a few days. Check the water daily, and replace the water if it gets cloudy. It should take less than a week to revive those onion bottoms, and you’ll start to see green shoots appear where you chopped the tops off. That means you’re ready to plant.

You can plant your green onions in a raised bed, like I did, but they’ll also do fine in a small pot or in the ground. Just make sure you use some organic fertilizer or compost, and within a week or two you’ll have brand new green that are ready to harvest. To make them last even longer, don’t pull them up by the root. Instead, head out with a pair of kitchen scissors and trim what you need from the plants. They should grow right back, just like most herbs do.

In the photo above, the mama and papa green onions are about a week further along than the baby. I’ll probably harvest them in the next few days! The bottoms are red because these are young red onions rather than the young white onions you usually see at the grocery store.

What I haven’t tried yet is reusing those onion bottoms a second time. Has anyone tried this? I’d love to hear whether it works!

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