Earthquake Versus Wine Rack in New Video from “Totally Unprepared”

How do you motivate people to prepare for earthquakes? Apparently, show them what happens when an earthquake meets a pricey wine collection. That is exactly what the first “Will It Shake” episode from “Totally Unprepared” attempts to do. Hostess Susan Jekarl heads to the University of California, San Diego to show viewers what happens when the earth starts moving and bottles start flying. UCSD is home to the Jacob’s School of Engineering, where a large shake table is used to test models and structures to see how well they hold up against the forces of earthquakes. As the press release says: The wine rack doesn’t stand a chance.


This latest video is part of Totally Unprepared’s “Will it Shake” series, a year-long collaborative effort between the California Emergency Management Agency, the California Seismic Safety Commission (CSSC) and the California Earthquake Authority (CEA) created to motivate people to prepare for earthquakes. “Totally Unprepared” uses social media, video, and mobile applications to drive the message home in the hope that awareness, and fear of wasting great wine, will scare people into preparedness.



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