Early Factory Farming: The Chicken of Tomorrow

We talk a lot about factory farming and battery cages around here, but how did our food system get where we are today? A very cheesy 1948 short gives a glimpse into the roots of factory farming here in the U.S. Enjoy the short (and the MST3K riffing) in the video above.

In the film, they recommend three square feet of space per chicken, which is a mansion by today’s industrial farming standards! Battery cages today average around 67 square inches. To put that in perspective, the film’s recommendation would have been 1296 square inches.

My favorite line from the short? “Eggs are complicated! They should cost like $100 each!”

This isn’t the first time that the Mystery Science Theater guys have touched on our agricultural system. They’ve mentioned Monsanto in a couple of their other shorts in the past.

What do you guys think about this short? Was there anything that stood out to you as surprising or even just hilarious?

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