Drink the tea. Save the world.

A tea company dedicated to saving the world, inspired by none-other than Digg founder Kevin Rose? No kidding. You can even get a discount below.


As an eco-minded foodie, I can often be found touting the benefits of going organic. It’s healthier, better for the environment and you can feel good about doing your small part to help farmers, as well as helping to limit the use of pesticides in produce and antibiotics and growth hormones in animals.

But I recently stumbled upon a new organic tea company whose primary goal is to literally save the world through tea.  Save the world by drinking tea? I was intrigued and determined to find out more.

Founded by Terry Godier and Bob Liddle of St. Louis Missouri, Ocean of Tea is more than just your homegrown start up. It’s a shining example of the limitless possibilities available when you combine creativity with charity.  Somewhat of a modern day philanthropist, Terry cares more about social change than social gain, and has built Ocean of Tea on that premise.  Still in their infancy, Ocean of Tea is starting out small but has big plans for the future.

They’ve got the basics covered — recycling, compact flourescent lights, paying for their website carbon using co2stats.com, a service that measures your carbon emissions to manage your overall carbon footprint.  But they are also pioneering the green movement, developing innovative new eco-friendly packaging to preserve the freshness of the tea they ship that will actually benefit the environment, and spearheading a program where customers can send back their tins to reduce waste and receive a discount on their next order.  They’re even planning a blog with ‘green’ tips for making — and enjoying — organic tea, and are committed to brainstorming one new environmental initiative to implement per week.  And within 3 years, they plan to be 70-80% off the grid.  How’s that for lofty goals?

But after connecting with one of the super-enthusiastic co-founders behind their Twitter page, where we first connected, and which will be the future home of their latest social innovation, ‘Twitter Tea Party Fridays,’ I am inclined to believe it. Terry is as passionate about the tea as he is about saving the planet.  His tea-drinking was inspired by Kevin Rose, Digg founder and well known tea conoisseur, but he has mastered the category and turned blending into an art form all his own.  In fact, he whipped up a special concoction as we chatted, which he dubbed ‘The Green Options Blend,’ comprised of silver needle, lemongrass and peppermint, that he is making available at a discounted rate to readers of this post.  You can also enjoy 10% off your total first order by entering the code: greenoptions. As if that weren’t enough, they will also donate 15% of all sales from Green Options readers to CarbonFund.org. See, I told you they were serious about saving the planet!

I highly recommend keeping an eye out for these guys, and with their impressive selection of gourmet organic teas and a growing inventory of organic fair trade, it’s a must stop for tea purchases. Then sit back, relax, and know that with every sip, you’re making a positive impact on the world.

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