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In a move toward celebrating local wines, Winedustry.comโ€™s Brad Johnson started a “I Drink Local Wine” campaign with this great graphic.

This team of wine folks from “other” states see the need to promote and help people find local wine and now there is a website badge to help.ย  They hope the badge will start to show up everywhere โ€” just like the Handmade Pledge badge.ย  These are some of the same folks behind the wine industry e-zine, called Winedustry: wine news for the “other” grapes, a blog that focuses on new wine regions and grapes, the ones you may have never heard about.

The badge was designed byย Connie Byrne,ย of Port of Leonardtown Winery ( a.k.a. OurGirl and The VineyardWife). She says:

Its important to drink local because, at least where I live, wine equals community. Our wine has been shared during vacations, popped as celebration after major milestones and generously shared by all interested. Our cooperative winery vintages are enjoyed by so many in the community during their meals, their patio parties, their โ€œdate-nightsโ€ in and even during several weddings! How wonderful to feel that connection of our hours in the field being expressed in the wineglass and being consumed among groups of friends in an ever-widening community.

If you’re a restauranteur, shopkeeper, wine producer, blogger, etc…, you know that there are significant social, environmental, and economic benefits to creating local economies, so go ahead and grab your “locapour” website badge on TheVineyardwife’s blog.

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