Drying Herbs From Your Garden

drying herbs from garden

If you’re growing lots of herbs, you might not be able to eat them as quickly as your plants produce! Rather than let them go to waste, you can dry them for use later on.

Whether you grow them yourself or snag them at the local farmer’s market, this is the season to stock up on delicious herbs! In this video from About Eating, she shows you a great, traditional method for drying and storing herbs.

I’ve seen other tips on preserving or drying herbs, like using a food dehydrator or freezing them in ice cube trays, but there’s something about this old-timey method that really speaks to me. Maybe it’s that it’s so in line with the victory garden mentality that I love so much?

Have you guys tried other methods for preserving herbs in any other ways? I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments!

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by alluvinian

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