Documentary: The Future of Food

If you are an EatDrinkBetter reader and have not seen this documentary, now is the time.  Not only is it a well-written and informative documentary, IT’S FREE to watch.

The Future of Food is a well-researched documentary on the food industry. 

It examines…

  • how farming has changed and the globalization of the food industry.
  • corporations’ role in the food supply.
  • the importance of biodiversity in the food supply.
  • the issues surrounding genetically modified foods, including the patenting of life.
  • the US’s stance on genetically modified foods compared to other nations.
  • Monsanto’s influence on legislation.
  • food distribution problems in the world and why GM foods will not help this issue.

The documentary is from 2004, so some things have changed.  You can read about related, more recent news in some of our posts.

The documentary is definitely anti-GM foods and anti-corporation, so do not expect a “fair and balanced” view with arguments from the other side.  That being said, it is well-researched, and the facts check out.  Plus, let’s face it, Monsanto would probably give some BS PR response anyway.

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons by fishhawk

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