Do you have a Favorite Farmer’s Market? Vote!

Support your farmers, your food and your body by celebrating National Farmer’s Market Week. Make your favorite market famous by voting in American Farmland Trust’s national contest.

Farmer’s markets are becoming increasingly popular due to consumer support. Patrons feel more connected to their food and appreciate the relationships with their neighborhood farmer. USDA statistics show a 16 percent increase of farmer’s markets in the past year alone.

Regardless of the increase in markets, American farmland is rapidly depleting. Beautiful farmland is savagely replaced by concrete and asphalt. Help stop this process and support the farm’s greenery. Farmer’s markets provide an avenue to connect farm to plate. Personal relationships created at the market allow for a more sustainable farm economy.

American Farmland Trust is holding a contest where consumers can vote for their favorite farmer’s market.ย  The markets are broken into four categories: boutique, small, medium and large (no farm stand will be left out!) This contest was designed to promote the great value of farmer’s market.ย  Love your local produce? Vote before August 31, 2010 here.ย  There are over 6,000 markets across the nation, but only 1,200 have been voted for on the site. Make your local market known! Vote!

Image Credit: Creative Commons user carmenleander

Source: American Farmland Trust

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