Do we need industrial agriculture to feed the world?

Feed the World

Our food system has some serious problems, and if we’re going to feed the world, something has to change.

Proponents of industrial agriculture say that to feed the world what we need are more GMOs and more industrial farms. Food MythBusters takes a look at this claim.

Food MythBusters is a collaboration between Anna Lappe – author of Diet for a Hot Planet – and Corporate Accountability International. The coalition is creating a resource to talk about the future of our food system and how we can feed ourselves sustainably.

Their first video takes on the claim that we can’t feed the world’s growing population without industrial agriculture. Check it out right here:

I love that the video not only digs into this false claim, but calls out the corporations who are lobbying to keep our food security in their pockets.

The truth is that industrial agriculture pollutes our air, pollutes our water, contributes to antibiotic resistance, and breeds superweeds which makes it harder and harder to grow the very food that we’re trying to produce. Industrial farming is bad for the environment, it’s bad for people, and it’s bad for farmers.

It’s great to see someone not only lay out the benefits of sustainable farming from an environmental perspective but take on the myth that we can’t feed the world population this way!

Get Involved

Food MythBusters isn’t just talk. They give you real ways to take action. Here are some things that you can do to help us build a more sustainable food future:

If you’re a regular reader here at Eat Drink Better, chances are you already try to support sustainable farmers and eat a planet-friendly diet. For example, I eat a plant-based diet and my family gets most of our veggies from a local CSA share. I’d love to hear what you guys are doing in your day to day to eat more sustainably!

Image via Real Food MythBusters

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