DIY Plant Markers Made from Wine Corks

DIY plant marker

If you’re anything like me, you can’t bear to toss your old wine corks in the trash when the wine is gone. I keep my old corks in a bowl in the kitchen, and there they sit, mocking me as they accumulate after every dinner party or gathering.

There are lots of fun crafty ways to reuse wine corks, and I thought my fellow gardeners out there might dig turning some old corks into simple DIY plant markers as much as I did! It takes about two minutes to make one, so you can easily churn out markers for your whole garden in no time flat.

To make your own DIY plant marker, you will need:

  • A used wine cork
  • A bambook skewer
  • A permanent marker
  • A plant to label

1. Take a good look at that cork, and you’ll see that one of the small ends has a hole in it from where the wine key went in.


2. Insert the sharp end of your bamboo skewer into that hole. Hold it in your fist, and ever-so-gently ease it in until it feels nice and sturdy. Don’t push too hard – your cork will split or your skewer will break.

bamboo skewer

3. Use your marker to write the name of your plant on the cork.

4. You’re ready to stake! Put the skewer into the garden, pushing it deep into the dirt, so it stands up when you let go.

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