Spotted: DIY Strawberry Fruit Roll Ups

strawberries for DIY fruit roll up

Who needs chemical-packed Fruit Roll Ups when you can make your own at home with no special equipment?

Kids love fruit roll ups, but the conventional sort are full of artificial food coloring and GMO ingredients. You can find natural fruit roll ups made from dried fruit, but they’re pretty pricey and come wrapped in single-use plastic. Next time your kiddo begs you for a fruit roll up in his lunchbox, grab your blender, a few ingredients, and whip up a batch at home instead! Check out the video recipe from Fifteen Spatulas:

What I love about this project is that you don’t need special equipment to make it. Instead of a food dehydrator, she uses her oven to dry out the fruit roll up. It’s also flexible. Strawberry looks delicious, but you could also experiment with other fruits, like fresh peeled peaches, raspberries, or cherries!

I think pretty much any berries or stone fruits would work well with her recipe, but crunchier fruit like apples or pears might need a little tweaking.

Have you made fruit leather at home? I’d love to hear your favorite DIY fruit roll up recipes!

Image Credit: Strawberries photo via Shutterstock

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