Digging for Fresh Ideas: Save Money, Eat Healthy, Support Local and Sustainable Food Systems

β€œMarch garden” at Inn SerendipityDespite the fact that our Wisconsin farmstead, Inn Serendipity, remains covered with that nameless white stuff, my heart sits outside in the garden, ready for spring. Since curing my spring fever won’t come from planting pea pods anytime soon, I’ve learned to channel this vernal quest for change by revisiting old ideas with fresh perspectives.

March begs for a dash of newness and, in the spirit of greening our lives and recycling, there’s no better food for fodder (literally) than revisiting the things we see everyday, probing for a nugget of inspiration. From dusting off old cookbooks (I’m amazed at how I can always rekindle an old favorite I haven’t made in a while from our B&B cookbook, Edible Earth: Savoring the Good Life with Vegetarian Recipes from Inn Serendipity) to foraging to the back of the pantry and finding that jar of grape leaves in brine (foodie impulse buy?), there’s a good shot of ideas nearby.

In this spirit of digging for fresh ideas — and to help kick-off the content on this great new Eat.Drink.Better site — here’s some links to a selection food blogs I originally posted to GreenOptions last year. These posts provide a buffet of fresh eating ideas, ways to save money while eating healthier and supporting your local and sustainable food system.

Read on for new perspectives with recipes to go with them:

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