Crazy Potato Exec Eats All Potato Diet

In an effort to prove that potatoes aren’t junk food, Chris Voigt, head of the Washington Potato Commission, is on an all potato diet.

His drastic measures are in response to the federal government suggesting that limiting or banning potatoes in school meals may be a way to make them healthier.ย  Obviously, Voigt and the potato commission are not happy about this.

Voigt admits that his antics are a publicity stunt and wishes that he had only signed up for one month of excessive potato eating.ย  With one more month to go, it sounds like he is bored of spuds already — when one is attempting making ice cream out of potatoes…I consider this the breaking point.

You have to hand it to the guy.ย  I can’t imagine a McDonald’s executive going on an all McDonald’s diet for a month.ย  Remember Super-size me?ย  That guy nearly died.ย  I doubt anyone will die from eating potatoes for a few months…unless they were all fried.

And that is the real problem with school lunches.ย  It’s not that they contain too many potatoes; it’s that tater tots [click this link for a laugh] are the way potatoes are being prepared for kids.ย  Sadly, tots (and their cousins) are a school lunch staple and are giving potatoes a bad name.

Potatoes are a perfectly healthy food.ย  However, they contain far too many calories to be “the most common vegetable” and should certainly not be the only vegetable served with a school meal, especially if they are going to be fried.


Image credit:ย  Flickr Creative Commons by kerryvaughan

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  1. Potato ice cream sounds like something they might do on Iron Chef. It seems like it never turns out well on there, either.

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