Cowspiracy: The Truth About Animal Agriculture

Cowspiracy: New Documentary Dissects Animal Agriculture

Cowspiracy: The Truth About Animal Agriculture

Animal agriculture is the most destructive industry on the planet, and a new documentary dives into the truth about our taste for animals and animal products.

Cowspiracy is a new documentary about animal agriculture. It looks at this industry’s environmental impacts and how big ag has been able to get away with polluting our air and water for such a long time.

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Below is the trailer along with a few clips from the film. I also encourage you to check out this great piece on Cowspiracy over at our sister site Ecopreneurist.

Cowspiracy Trailer

Cowspiracy Clips

The film will be available on DVD and as a digital download beginning in November, but you can preorder now on the Cowspiracy website. There will also be screenings in select theaters around the country.

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