Cooling, Healthy Green Diva Summer Recipes


GD Meg’s Easy Gazpacho

I always try to keep a batch of nice cool gazpacho in the refrigerator. Sometimes a green diva just needs a low-stress salad solution! My kids LOVE it.

Try my Easy gazpacho recipe

Berries, Berries, Berries!

I love to buy fresh local berries or even pick them myself from some of the U-Pick farms in my area (Northern New Jersey).  Those wonderful farmer’s markets cropping up in a neighborhood near you will be brimming with wonderful fresh berries. has a wonderful Farmer’s Market locator.

Knowing that berries often get the worst kind of pesticides sprayed on them, I’m careful to find out how they’ve been grown. The Organic Center has posted and published a handy free pocket guide that helps understand when you should only buy organic and when it is okay to buy non-organic fruits and veggies – the  Organic Essentials pocket guide.

my favorite ways to enjoy fresh berries

Up Next: Lavender lemonade, anyone?

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