Cooking Tips: Choosing the Right Knife

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Cooking Tips: Choosing the Right Knife

Ever been unsure about whether a chopping job called for a paring knife or a cleaver? We’ve got a visual guide with cooking tips for every knife in your butcher’s block (and then some!).

Most recipes don’t specify what sort of knife to use, and finding cooking tips that make it easy to choose the right knife can take a lot of Googling. That’s why I was happy to run across this helpful graphic with a huge variety of knives along with their uses.

Cooking Tips: Know Your Knives

The fine print on this can be a little bit difficult to read. If you want to view these cooking tips a little bit larger, you can click the graphic to view a full-sized version:

Cooking Tips: Guide to Knives

I tend to stick with the chef’s knife for general chopping, a paring knife for smaller jobs, and a cleaver for more heavy-duty chopping, like cutting up tough root vegetables. How do you guys decide which knife to grab when you’re cooking?

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