Container Gardening Ideas: Grow a Salad

lettuce growing in a window box

I ran across some cool container gardening ideas the other day, including these “salad bowls.”

We just finished some work on the house which includes a lovely back deck just off of the kitchen, and my husband mentioned wanting to add a window box with flowers out back. I think this would be the perfect place to try growing a salad bowl!

Growing a Salad

Basically, a salad bowl is a large pot where you grow leafy greens, chives, and edible flowers. The cool thing about these sorts of plants is that you can prune off what you need and they grow right back! Here’s the video I found with some container gardening ideas to help you plan out a salad bowl of your very own:

I really like the idea of growing edible flowers for salads, too. What a fun way to add a little bit of color to the garden and some variety to your salads. Here’s a short list of edible flowers, to get you going:

  • Calendula
  • Dandelions
  • Hibiscus
  • Marigolds
  • Violets

For more edible flowers and tips on growing, harvesting, and cooking with them check out NC State University has compiled some excellent information.

We probably won’t be able to start this new container until sometime in May (if I can get my husband excited about it), but I will make sure to update you guys when it’s set up!

I’d love to hear any container gardening ideas that have struck your fancy this spring!

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