Container Garden Update: Sad Peppers, Happy Mint, and a Broccoli Revival

mint plant

Hey there fellow food growers! How are things going in your gardens? I promised to update you guys on my container garden progress, so here goes…

Remember those beheaded broccoli plants from a few weeks ago? The heads are growing right back, just as I’d hoped! I think I should have pruned them a bit lower down, so I’ll do that when I harvest this week. I harvested these on Tuesday evening and steamed them with some rice and tofu on Wednesday for a lunchtime rice bowl:

Chinese broccoli

You can see a photo up top of my mint plant, which is thriving! After my pal Mike posted a great tip for helping your container garden mint grow, I headed out to the porch to make sure my mint was planted close enough to the top of the container and that the stems had plenty of room to spread out. That was just over a week ago, and the plant has really taken off since then! Look at those big leaves! When I told my mom about how well it was doing, she got pretty excited about the home grown mojitos we’re going to make with this mint when she visits next month.

My super wonderful husband was kind enough to put some organic plant food on my container garden last weekend, which I think helped things out too. I need to remember to do that on a regular basis.

The only plant in my container garden that isn’t doing so well is this sad hot pepper. It has not been so happy about the chilly spring evenings lately, and I have stayed true to form and forgotten to bring it in on cold nights. Whoops! The leaves are a little bit wilted and there is some black on the stems that’s a bit worrisome. You can sort of see it in the photo below, where three stems meet. I’m hoping the warm days coming up will help rejuvenate this little guy.

sad pepper plant

The caterpillars are out in force these days, and I think they’re the ones who have been nibbling the leaves of this plant. If anyone has organic tips for keeping caterpillars at bay, I’d love to hear ideas!

All in all, I’m really pleased with how the container garden is doing so far! How goes the Grow Your Own Food Challenge for you guys?

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2 thoughts on “Container Garden Update: Sad Peppers, Happy Mint, and a Broccoli Revival”

  1. if the black you are talking about on the stems is at the nodes where the other branches come off, that’s normal. it’s actually a great shade of purple if you look close enough.
    i have grown hundreds of different varieties of chili’s over the years and soil temperature is far more important than air temp. paint that pot black or wrap it in a black cloth or something. that will boost your soil temp nicely. once the nights stay above 60, get rid of the black. let it get dangerously dry (wilted totally) before watering for the most flavor and heat. a well watered pepper is a boring pepper. also, they love to hold hands (i.e. be planted waaaay to close together) since you only have one, it doesn’t matter. he would grow better if he had at least one other pepper plants hand to hold though.

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