Container Garden Update: In Like a Lion

post storm mint

All of that blustery March weather wasn’t easy on my little container garden, but things are chugging along!

I promised to update you guys regularly on my little garden’s progress, and I’d love to hear how yours are going!

Pictured at the top is my mint container after a pretty intense thunderstorm. I’m not sure if it was rain or debris, but something stirred things up in that pot! Luckily, my mint so far seems able to survive any abuse I throw at it, and it’s still doing great.

After that tiny harvest salad last week, I beheaded my Chinese broccoli, hoping it would grow back and that I’d do better the next time around. Here’s that headless plant. I’m starting to think I should have clipped it lower down….do you guys have any ideas?

headless broccoli

The rosemary is doing great, and it pretty much looks the same so I didn’t take a photo of that, but I did take a picture of the brave little pepper plant. From what one of my farmer pals told me, hot peppers are usually fine as long as it’s above freezing, and so far we haven’t had another freeze. It’s gotten into the mid-30’s some evenings, though. It does not like the chilly weather we’ve been having, and like the terrible gardener I am, I keep forgetting to bring the plant in at night. It’s looking a little wilty, but it’s hanging in there!

wilted pepper

A few folks dug my plan to water the garden using water I collected while the shower heated up, so I thought it would be fun to share a photo of my “shower bucket!” I don’t know how old this bucket is, but we got a few like it when we helped my husband’s grandparents move from their house to an apartment, and I love them! Both of those green chairs behind it came from the same place. Don’t you just love vintage things?

shower bucket

I’m not the only one at Eat Drink Better participating in the challenge! If you’d like to check out all of the Grow Your Own Food Challenge posts, we’re trying to keep them organized with a special tag. How are things going in your food gardens? I’d love to hear updates and see photos!

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