Container Garden Update: Headless Broccoli, Mint Explosion, and Teeny Tiny Peppers


My little container garden is chugging along, and I think part of its success is that I feel accountable to you guys with these updates. I’d love to hear how your gardens are doing, too!

I beheaded my Chinese broccoli for the second time, and it cooked up deliciously. This time, I cut it a bit closer to the base to see if it grows back tastier this way. So far, it’s looking a bit sad:

Chinese broccoli

My rosemary and oregano are chugging along but looking pretty much the same so I didn’t take photos of them. The mint though. The mint is freaking out! I am on the lookout for some good mint recipes, because, as you can see in the top photo there, there’s a ton of the stuff! If you’re gun shy about gardening, I highly recommend planting mint. It seems to thrive no matter how I neglect it. If you do plant some mint, make sure you do it in pots, because I hear it will take over your garden bed like a weed if you let it.

The most exciting development in my little container garden for this week? My hot pepper plant is finally showing signs that it’s planning to produce some peppers! Check out this pepper baby:

pepper baby

I’m not sure how many peppers this little guy will produce. It would be awesome to make some hot sauce using hot peppers that I grew myself. Do any of you gardening pros know if I ought to plant a second or maybe even third pot if that’s what I’m looking to do?

So, spill it, my fellow gardening pals! How’s your food-growing going? As someone who seems to kill everything she plants, I’m pretty darn pleased with the situation in my container garden right now!

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  1. hey…nice site…peppers,you should take a sprayer bottle with water, add a couple of table spoons of epsom salts & spray will stimulate flowering, and should increase number of peppers…as for food production,grow more pepper plants…keep your thumb green…

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