Coming Soon: GMO Apples?

GMO Apple

The Canadian companyΒ Okanagan Specialty Fruits is looking to start selling GMO apples in the U.S.

What’s especially interesting about this GMO apple is that not even the folks in the apple industry are interested in this genetically engineered apple.

The U.S. Apple Association worries that introducing GMO apples will undermine the apple’s healthy reputation. The apple is engineered to not brown when you slice it. Of course, you could achieve the same results (and get a boost of vitamin C!) by tossing cut apples in a little lemon or lime juice.

The GMO apples would most likely be sold pre-sliced. Okanagan is pitching their “Arctic” apple as a way to boost sales by making apples more snackable, kind of like how baby carrots have become a popular snack food. The thing that strikes me is that a whole apple is already pretty snacky. Why do we need to slice it up in the first place? If browning is a problem, can’t you just sell whole apples?

Get Heard about GMO Apples

Want to keep genetically engineered apples out of the U.S. market? Tell USDA how you feel! The Center for Food Safety has started a petition urging USDA not to approve these GMO apples.

How do you guys feel about GMO apples possibly hitting store shelves? Would you buy them?

Image Credit: Apple photo via Shutterstock

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