Coming 8/11: Daily Specials, All Week Long!

The Week of Daily Specials is Coming 8/11 at!

The Week of Daily Specials is Coming 8/11 at!

Hey there, lovely Eat Drink Better readers! We are cooking up something fun for you next week! Alongside our regular menu of sustainable food news, we’re serving a daily special.

We were super inspired by Mary’s post on Meatless Monday’s Mates, and next week we’re going to do a whole week of special theme days. Here’s what’s on the menu:

Meatless Monday

We love Meatless Monday, so of course it felt like the perfect way to kick off our week of daily specials. Look out for some vegetarian and vegan cooking ideas!

Try Something New Tuesday

On Tuesday, we’ll branch out with some lesser-known foods that you should try.

Waste Free Wednesday

You know that we hate food waste, and Wednesday’s special will be all about wasting less to save money and make the most of the food we produce.

Thirsty Thursday

Cheers! We’ve got a couple of specials on how to make your sipping more sustainable.


Look out for tips on cooking things from scratch that you maybe haven’t tried before.

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