Coffee Production: From Bean to Cup

coffee production

Ever wondered how coffee production works? Let’s take a look at how we go from bean to cup!

I’ll admit it: as soon as I get out of bed, I am thinking about that first cup of coffee. As a new mom, I sort of run on coffee. It helps me chase my crawling baby around the house (he is so FAST!), and it helps me wake up in the morning, so that I can party with him while feeding him breakfast and getting us all ready to start the day.

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Coffee is so ubiquitous, I think we sometimes don’t think about how it gets from farm to mug. I’m a big believer that knowing where our food and drinks come from helps us make more informed and ethical choices. This cool interactive infographic on coffee production gives a peek into how coffee production works.

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Image Credit: Coffee Beans photo via Shutterstock

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