Awesome Oakland Coffee Kickstarter: “Good Jobs, Great Coffee”

coffee Kickstarter

UPDATE: We are excited to share that this project was successfully funded! 822 people kicked in and helped Good Jobs, Great Coffee raise over $87,000.

I just saw this tweet  by the amazing Van Jones about an interesting coffee Kickstarter (and anything Van Jones gets behind is worth taking a look at):

VJ grab

As suspected this is a great coffee Kickstarter campaign that supports so many good ideas: coffee, jobs creation, inner city youth programs.  All things I want to get behind especially since its in my hometown of Oakland,CA. But time is of the essence.  Only 7 hours left to get funding.

coffee Kickstarter

Titled Good Jobs, Great Coffee, this coffee Kickstarter supports the creation of a Red Bay Coffee Bar where workers keep all profits. As Keba, an artist, community man, and an entrepreneur notes:

Red Bay Coffee Company will design and build coffee shops where the workers keep all of the profits. We’ll also establish coffee dojos. These are training facilities that help the workers diversify and strengthen their skills. The beauty of this model is that it’s scalable. We can grow it throughout California and beyond.

Red Bay Coffee will create a platform that provides livable wages and on-going coffee training. They have an historic location, a solid business plan, a super hip design sensibility and a solid launch team. And $25 bucks gets you a $30 Red Bay Coffee Gift Card. Sounds good to me.

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