Clean Drinking Water Project Challenges You to Put Down the Smartphone

Clean Drinking Water Project Challenges You to Put Down the SmartphoneWe live in an age of screens. At work, many of us stare at a computer screen all day, then head home to watch television. In between, our eyes are glued to our smartphones as we check email, play Words with Friends (guilty!), and text our besties. All of that screen time can’t be healthy, and Giorgio Armani is challenging us to step away from our smartphones for just 10 minutes. In exchange, he will give a child in need a day’s worth of clean drinking water to the UNICEF Tap Project.

Clean Drinking Water: UNICEF Tap Project

The connection between screen time and clean drinking water might seem a little bit shaky, but I think it’s actually very powerful. Taking a break from screens is a good chance for a little bit of perspective, isn’t it? While we’re upset when it takes more than 30 seconds for a web page to load on our phones, families in developing countries are worried about collecting enough water to keep their children clean and hydrated on a daily basis.

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Ten minutes without using our smartphones might seem easy peasy, but for folks constantly checking Facebook and Twitter it can prove surprisingly difficult. Screen addiction is a real thing, and I suspect that more of us suffer from compulsive screen-checking than would like to admit.

Want to take a smartphone break and provide clean water to a child in need? Check out the UNICEF Tap Project page (use your smartphone, so you can grab the app!) and watch the video at the top of this page to find out how it works!

Image Credit: Water Tap photo via Shutterstock

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