Choosing the Best Pet Treats

dog getting a treat

We talk a lot around here about healthy eats for you and your kids, but what about your fur kids? The foods and treats that your dog and cat eat have impacts on the environment and on their health.

Rachel touched on choosing healthy food for dogs, but what about the treats we give our dogs and cats when they’ve been especially well-behaved? The folks at ebay classifieds shared an infographic with some dos and donts for treating your pets (click the image to view a full-sized version).

pet treats

The only thing I’d add to this is that where your animals’ meat comes from matters. If you make your own treats, you can make them with sustainably-raised meat or make them meat free. My pup loves peanut butter treats! There are many pet treats out there now that use cage-free, organic, and other sustainably-raised animals to make dog and cat treats, if making treats isn’t your thing. You can also find vegan treats at the pet store, if you’re looking to treat them while reducing your impact.

How do you guys make sure that your pet treats fit in with your own food ethics? I’d love to hear your tips and experiences!

{Image Credits: Dog getting a treat image via Shutterstock; Infographic via ebay classifieds}

2 thoughts on “Choosing the Best Pet Treats”

  1. I have bought & used Terrapaws freeze-dried treats for my kitties. They luv ’em!

    My girl cat eats the freeze-dried chicken & beef, while my boy cat only likes the beef….

  2. Thanks for sharing this :) Good point about being aware of whether or not the meat is sustainably-raised – that is super important, as well.

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