Chocolate Lowers Stroke Risk in Women

chocolate barWomen, research has discovered another way to reduce health risk. This time with chocolate!

In Sweden, researchers reviewed diet habits of participants for the past year. Extra time was spent reviewing the chocolate consumption, and women were grouped based on the frequency and amount of chocolate consumed. The study found that there was a positive relationship between chocolate consumed and reduction of incidence of stroke.

The study did not find a direct link between specific components of chocolate, simply a correlation that those who have increased chocolate consumption have decreased risk for stroke. Don’t forget, chocolate eaten in Sweden is different than that here in the United States. One researcher suggests American’s choose dark chocolate since it contains more antioxidants, and could be more comparable to the chocolate used in this study. Also remember that the study was based on self-reported diet history for one years time. More research could be done with better controlled results.

Either way, a 20% decrease in stroke risk strongly correlated with consumption of about 2.33 oz of chocolate per week.

How can you add chocolate to your everyday routine?

  • Keep a chocolate bar at your desk at work, and slowly nibble on it throughout the week
  • Add a few chocolate chips to your morning oatmeal
  • Chocolate chunks add great flavor to your homemade trail mix
  • Mix a bit of chocolate into your morning coffee (and decrease depression too!)
  • Make a dessert out of your yogurt snack by adding chocolate on top


Source: ABC News

Image credit to creative commons user Chocolate Reviews

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