Obesity is a Killer at Large (Film)


Lately, it seems that turning on the TV means hearing about the threats that face our nation. Whether it is terrorism, war, or the economy, news media often tells us that America is a nation under attack. Assuredly, all of these things can be reasons for concern, yet a more hidden aggressor ought to cause us potentially more anxiety: obesity, especially childhood obesity.

The SnagFilms documentary, Killer at Large, takes an unflinching look at the worsening problem of obesity that America is facing. The documentary tells us that not only is 2/3 of our population now overweight, but 40-45% of school age children are diabetic. Not only is this statistic in itself is maddening, but also the looming possibility that children’s lives will be shorter than their parents’ is nothing short of a tragedy. Casualties in this obese epidemic are mounting, and unfortunately it seems Β that simple diet and exercise will not make the difference. This documentary tells us how to address the weight crisis, and it is more important than ever that we listen.

It is true that “you are what you eat,” and this SnagFilms documentary conveys the dire implications of this phrase for today’s children. Consequently, the United States ought to do everything in its power to stop this Killer at Large.

{Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Mr. TGT}

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