Chia Recall Update: More Products and the Possible Cause

Chia Recall Update: More Products and the Possible Cause

The chia recall that sickened over 50 people has expanded, and experts now have a theory about what caused the contamination.

The illness count for the recent chia recall is now at 65 people in the U.S. and Canada. The FDA, CDC, and Canada’s Public Health Agency have worked together to get to the cause of the salmonella outbreak. They’ve traced the chia powder to one particular farm but aren’t disclosing the farm’s name yet. What they are saying is that consumers need to watch out for anything that contains sprouted chia seeds or chia powder.

What caused the salmonella contamination?

Chia powder is made from sprouted chia seeds, and the sprouting is what officials suspect is at the heart of the chia recall. Sprouts can become easily contaminated, which is why other sprouted foods are on the no list for pregnant women. Sprouted chia seeds, apparently, carry a higher contamination risk. Just like alfalfa or mung beans sprouts.

Chia Recall: More Recalled Products

We shared a comprehensive list of recalled brands on June 11, and here are the added recalls since then:

  • Dietary Express Sprouted Chia & Flax
  • Madegood Chia and Berries Fruit & Nut Bar
  • Madegood Chia and Berries Raw Fruit & Nut Bar
  • Noorish Superfoods Chia Seeds

Recalls like this tend to keep expanding, so if you want to protect yourself from salmonella, your best bet is to read those labels. If you see sprouted chia seeds or chia powder, skip it for now.

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