Cheers for Organic and Biodynamic Champagne and More for the New Year

Are you someone who simply must have real Champagne on New Year’s Eve? Champagne is the name of a district of France which has ideal soil and climate conditions for the production of this very famous sparkling wine. Here are some wines made according to organic methods of the National Union of Independent Agrobiologists, (a French organic certifier) ~

  • Serge Faust Champagne (Organic)
  • NV (Non Vintage) Pascal Doquet Premier Cru RosΓ© (Organic)
  • NV Pierre Brigandat Brut RΓ©serve (Biodynamic)
  • NV Larmandier-Bernier Premier Cru Vertus (Biodynamic)
  • ’97 Vilmart Coeur de CuvΓ©e (Biodynamic)

These are all examples of recommendations Treehugger made years back for organic and biodynamic Champagne, and they are still in style today. If you are not as picky about your bubbly being real and organic/biodynamic and prefer to buy local/domestic for the holidays then we also have several great sparkling wines to share.

You may also find the best of both worlds (organic and domestic) if you look around. Ever heard of pink champagne? Well if you want something different now you can find green pink bubbly at most fine wine shops that is organic and grown with renewable energy, just ask the sellers if they carry it.

Above image of a toast titled “Hip, hip, hurra!” is in the public domain.

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