Cheapest Ways To Pizazz Your Garden

My balcony garden at night

Maintaining a garden can be an expensive hobby and it happens to be one of my favorite pastimes. I quickly realized that going to the local nursery to pick out my veggies for our balcony garden can burn a hole in my pocket, and I knew at that point that I couldn’t dare step into the nurseries gift shop to add to my list of garden goodies: fancy veggie labels, outdoor lighting, a nice garden sign ect. Instead, I would have to put on my creative cap and start searching out the cheapest ways to beautify my garden. After a couple inexpensive homemade projects were completed my garden became an individual very different from any other garden, and I’m much more proud to call it mine.

Here are several inexpensive ideas for beautifying your garden space.

1) I grabbed this makeshift sign in a pile of free wood found on I simply painted over the old wood, put the name of my garden on it (“Wet Nose Gardens”), and enjoy it’s vibrant colors in my garden bed!

Wet Nose Gardens Sign

2) I got lucky because my cousin Sasha is an amazing ceramicist. She made two beautiful bowls, but in the process they got some small cracks. She hoped they would work out for some planted herbs in my garden, and sure enough my lemon thyme, sage, and chamomile have been long living in these beautiful homemade pots!

Sasha's homemade herb pots

3) Well, we don’t all know great ceramicist’s so an even easier way to get some color on those pots is to just paint over the one you get at the nursery.

Painting over pots

4) The nice warm weather is approaching and summer bbq’s are near. This means staying outside into the evening. I have a really nice way to light up your patio that is inexpensive and makes everyone else want what you have, bottle lights. Save up those wine bottles, go to antique shops or just ask around for old colorful bottles. Then get your old Christmas lights and string them through all the bottles you have, leaving just a little slack in between each. Get a couple feet of strong wire and wrap the bottles securely with a loop at the top so it can hang from a nail. These bottle lights provide sufficient lighting, last a really long time, and look very quaint next to your garden!

Bottle lights

5) Someone else’s junk is another’s treasure. This is why thrift stores and antique shops are so awesome. I swear by them for clothes and now gardening as well. We found a $15 trunk, filled it up with good soil and have many flourishing veggies growing in it. The trunk is rustic, pleasing to the eye, and a conversation starter!

Junk trunk turned into a garden bed

6) The easiest of all the projects I listed is making veggie labels. Go to your all around store and grab a bag of tongue depressors, paint them a rainbow of colors, and label them with the appropriate veggies that you have growing. This is a very quick, fun project that will brighten up your garden and show off what your growing to your guests!

Veggie labels

I hope these are useful crafts that everyone can take part in, and if you want even more great ideas check out our sister site! Do you have any inexpensive garden projects you can share with us?

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4 thoughts on “Cheapest Ways To Pizazz Your Garden”

  1. This is a great article and I just tweeted it and added a review to StumbleUpon. Everyone has to check it out.

    Your balcony garden looks wonderful and I especially like the way you created deck lights using old Christmas lights and colored bottles. I’m sure your deck even looks good at night from inside your pad.

  2. Signs and labels add a cute touch to the whole project.

    I’ve got to make some of those lights for our patio. They are so interesting
    and pretty.

    I love the way you present your material. It’s fun reading!

  3. =D I’m glad my pots add pizazz!
    I just started weeding the plot in my new backyard, and I’m excited to plant and add my own pizazz- I’ll definitely be using some of these tips.

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