Cellar Angels: A Unique Wine-Philanthropy Group

I run an online wine site so I’m not a huge fan of most other online wine businesses. They typically ask for unsustainable discounts from already hard-hit wineries and are not very triple bottom line.

Its great to see the success of Cellar Angels, a unique wine-philanthropy online wine site that does more than sell deeply discounted wine.

When you purchase wine from the Cellar Angels winery partners, including favorite sustainable wineries such as Grgich Hills and Humanitas, you get to select a charity they will support with 10% of proceeds.

Cellar Angels currently works exclusively with Napa County wineries and Sonoma County wineries to offer its members boutique wines at discount in the name of charity. Once each week Cellar Angels members (membership is free) receive a private email alerting them to that week’s offer. Within each email is a link to the offer and a custom movie filmed of the winery, wine and people behind the wine. The member also receives tasting notes and a custom recipe often provided by a celebrity chef. After their purchase, members are able to select from a handful of charities to direct Cellar Angels’ contributions towards.

Photo: Cellar Angels

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