Celebrate Earth Day Weekend: Protest with GMO Free USA!

Non-GMO Honk-and-Wave Protest

This Earth Day, put your actions where your mind is — join honk-and-wave protests across the country, toย demand corporate accountability in food labeling — boo, Kellogg’s! — and raise awareness about GMOs.

Positive Change Depends on Direct Action!

History’s jury is in: organized grass roots efforts change the world! Fully aware of that powerful fact, GMO Free USA plans massive coordinated protests across the nation on Earth Day weekend. The organization’s mission is to take the GMO labeling issue directly to food manufacturers — starting with one of the ‘heaviest users,’ Kellogg’s.

Planned demonstrations this Earth Day weekend will target Kellogg’s specifically, as well as public awareness of the broader GMO issues facing our food system.

In a recent Progressive Kitch interview, GMO Free founder Diana Reeves described the upcomingย Earth Day events:

… on Earth Day, which is April 22nd — or the weekend prior to that — we’re going to be doing nationwide Kellogg’s demonstrations on the ground around the country, in every state…ย This is a great opportunity for us to come together and collectively make our voices heard, and let them know we’re not buying it anymore! (Listen to the full interview here.)

Support GMO labeling, demand corporate accountability, and lend your voice to the food revolution: find demonstrations near youย this weekend by visiting www.gmofreeusa.orgย — then share what you find with your family, friends, and neighbors!

Viva la (food) revolucion!

Image credit: Creative Commons photo by Millions Against Monsanto.

Appendix 1 — Find GMO Free USA Earth Day Demonstrations Near You:

Fayetteville, AR #01, April 21 โ€“ Fayetteville, AR #02, April 22 โ€“ Berkeley, CA, April 21 โ€“ Foothill Ranch, CA, April 20 โ€“ Los Angeles, CA #01, April 20 –ย Los Angeles, CA #02, April 21ย – Oakland, CA #01, April 20 โ€“ Oakland, CA #02, April 21 โ€“ Santa Rosa, CA, April 20 โ€“ Sebastopol, CA, April 20 โ€“ Soquel, CA, April 21 โ€“ Ventura, CA, April 21 –ย Westlake Village, CA, April 20 –ย Colorado Springs, CO, April 21 –ย Longmont, CO, April 20 โ€“ Pueblo, CO, April 20 –ย Farmington, CT, April 20 โ€“ Hartford, CT, April 20 โ€“ Milford, CT, April 20 –ย North Haven, CT, April 21 โ€“ Stamford, CT, April 21 โ€“ Vernon Rockville, CT,ย April 21 โ€“ Bradenton, FL, April 20 โ€“ Daytona Beach, FL, April 20 โ€“ Fort Lauderdale, FL, April 21 โ€“ Fort Myers, FL #01, April 21 โ€“ Fort Myers, FL #02, April 22 –ย Lakeland, FL, April 22 โ€“ Lantana, FL, April 21 –ย Sarasota, FL, April 21 โ€“ Tampa, FL, April 21 –ย Weston, FL, April 22 โ€“ Winter Haven, FL, April 22ย Atlanta, GA, April 21 โ€“ Honolulu, Hawaii, April 22 –ย Lahaina, Hawaii, April 20 –ย Waimea, Hawaii, April 22 –ย Davenport, IA, April 21 โ€“ West Des Moines, IA, April 20 –ย Belleville, IL, April 20 โ€“ Chicago, IL, April 22 –ย Dixon, IL, April 20 โ€“ Fairview Heights, IL, April 22 –ย Chesterton, IN, April 20 โ€“ Evansville, IN, April 20 –ย Northamption, MA, April 21 โ€“ Pittsfield, MA, April 22 โ€“ Battle Creek, MI, April 22 –ย Grand Rapids,ย MI, April 21 –ย Kansas City, MO, April 20 โ€“ Springfield, MO #01, April 20 โ€“ Springfield, MO #02, April 21ย Las Vegas, NV, April 20 โ€“ Middletown, NY, April 22 โ€“ Pineville, NC, April 21 โ€“ Saint Clairsville, OH, April 20 –ย North Wales, PA, April 20 โ€“ Philadelphia, PA, April 20 โ€“ Willow Grove, PA, April 22 –ย Newberry, SC #01, April 22 โ€“ Newberry, SC #02, April 22 โ€“ Rock Hill, SC, April 22 –ย Cookeville, TN, April 21 โ€“ Memphis, TNย #01, April 20 โ€“ Memphis, TN #02, April 22 –ย Baytown, TX, April 27 (not a typo, date has been changed)ย – Salt Lake City, UT, April 20 โ€“ Charlottesville, VA, April 22 –ย Bellevue, WA, April 22 โ€“ Omak, WA, April 20 โ€“ Washington D.C., April 20 โ€“ Eau Claire, WI, April 22 –ย Milwaukee, WI, April 21 โ€“ Charleston, WV, April 20

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