Don't ever trust a child to do what's right or healthy. A new study finds the healthier their school lunches, the more they throw away.

Kids ARE Pure Evil: They Throw Away Healthy School Lunches, Study Finds

Okay, so as every parent knows, kids are pure evil. I’ve watched my daughter torture cherry tomatoes like they were on trial for war crimes. (Just mine? Really?) But here’s proof that it’s not just your kid (or mine) who’s the devil incarnate: They’re throwing away perfectly good-for-them fruits and vegetables. Duh, you’re thinking, right? That’s not news. What kid doesn’t scoff at Brussels sprouts? But mommies and daddies, now we have actual SCIENCE to back us up. Pass the wine.

Top News from the Food Front: School Lunch Soulsuckers, Animal-Ag Absurdities, & GMO Vetos

Is your ‘Chef’s Special’ dinner protected by copyright law? Do you know what potentially problematic chemistry your yoga mat and your bread (plus about 500 other grocery items in your pantry) might have in common? Consumers increasingly turn away from genetically modified food: does the food industry give a flip? Does the FDA? For all this food news and more — including a long list of factory-farm foolishness to boggle the noodles of non-sociopathic food fans — read on!

Vegetarian School Lunch Program Pays Off: Better Attention, Better Test Scores, Less Obesity

One NYC school implemented an all-vegetarian school lunch menu this year, and already school administrators report positive results. Since shifting towards a healthier lunch program, the school says its students demonstrate better attention and test scores — plus a small but promising decline in obesity rates. Happy National School Lunch Week, veggie-style!

11-Year-Old Makes School Lunch Documentary

We’re big fans of school lunch reform around here, so I couldn’t resist sharing this trailer that I ran across! Fourth grader Zachary Maxwell used hidden cameras to document the underbelly of his school’s lunch program and used the footage to create a documentary about it. Here’s the trailer:

USDA Relaxes Standards for Protein and Grains in School Lunches

The USDA announced that schools may serve unlimited quantities of grains, meat, and meat alternatives in school lunches. This relaxation in the school nutrition standards comes after several months of complaints about the new, healthier school lunches. The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act established nutrition guidelines for school lunches that are reimbursed by the taxpayer. The …

USDA Relaxes Standards for Protein and Grains in School Lunches Read More 👉

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