Carbon Negative Coffee from Tiny Footprint

Tiny Footprint Coffee

Minneapolis-based Tiny Footprint Coffee offers the first carbon negative coffee. They were kind enough to send me a pound of their medium roast to try out, and it was delicious!

How is it Carbon Negative?

I’ve got to say, I’m not always nuts about carbon offsets. So often, offset schemes seem shady and lack the transparency that would make me feel confident. Tiny Footprint is generous about sharing information about their offset program, though.

For each pound of coffee you buy, it takes about 4 pounds of carbon to pick, roast, package, and ship. Tiny Footprint counters that impact by planting trees in the Mindo Cloudforest of Ecuador that will suck 54lbs of carbon from the atmosphere. According to the folks at Tiny Footprint:

Our reforestation efforts also create jobs for local farmers, improve local infrastructure, rebuild water tables, reinforce soil conservation techniques, and provide habitat for rare and endangered bird species in Ecuador. We have a direct business and familial partnership to the Mindo Cloudforest Foundation, a cutting edge conservation and environmental non-profit in Ecuador. The reforestation is to restore areas of cloudforest that were deforested 30-40 years ago for cattle farming, a failed endeavor. We are putting native trees back where they belong.

But What About the Coffee?

They roast 100% shade-grown Arabica beans sourced from small-scale family farms. The roaster that they use is a vintage “Probat” that they “retrofitted with fuel-efficient burners and computer controls for artisan quality and environmental purposes.”

The medium roast was a nice, smooth coffee that was just right for my husband’s morning cup. The beans look and smell great, as does the brewed coffee. They use minimal packaging, and it has great design.

I don’t drink coffee in the mornings, so I opted to try it out over ice with some almond milk, and it was lovely!

Their coffee is available now on the Tiny Footprint website as well as on Amazon and at Gustavus College, local co-ops, and natural food stores.

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