Listeria Outbreak: Cantaloupes are Killing People

Several weeks ago, a cantaloupe recall was issuedΒ for fear of listeria contamination. Since listeria takes several weeks to incubate, the effects are just being felt now…and they are not good.

Here are some statistics on the outbreak so far:

Death statistics by state:

Colorado – 2
Kansas – 1
Maryland – 1
Missouri – 1
Nebraska – 1
New Mexico – 4
Oaklahoma – 1

Eight states total and Wyoming and Kansas are investigating three additional deaths that may be related.

There is a total of 72 sickened.

Victims range in age from 35 to 96 years, with an average age of 78.

What should you do if you suspect listeria infection?

Most at risk are pregnant women and infants, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems. The symptoms of listeria are fever, muscle ache, stomach problems, and neurological problems. If you do think you have listeriosis, call your doctor, especially if you’re part of one of the at-risk groups.

The bad cantaloupes come from Colorado and may be labelled as Fronter or Jensen, and Jensen Farms is asking anyone who has purchased their cantaloupes recently to seal the cantaloupes in a bag or container before throwing them away. This will prevent children or wildlife from retrieving the melons from the garbage.

Photo:Β News21-usa

  1. Destiny Greyy

    This is completely shocking…. I have stopped eating cantolopes because of this, even thought I live in Florida and not in any of the states where the cantolope has been recalled. Does anyone know when this outbreak will be under control so it’s safe to eat this again? >.>

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