Can’t Cook? Well Neither Can I! But You Can Learn and I Can Show You How

Question:  Have you ever watched the Food Network and think the people on the television are speaking in a foreign language?

Q:  Do your friends think you have the cooking skills of a sting ray and not Rachel Ray?

Q:  When you read a cook book, do would wish it said, “Here open this and place it in the microwave for five minutes?”

Q:  Do people go out of their way to make sure you are NOT in the kitchen when a holiday meal is being made?

Well if you answered yes to any/all of these questions, then my Blog is the one for you.  Up until about five years ago, I really sucked at cooking.  By sucked I mean frozen pizza and microwave popcorn was about the extent of my cooking skills.  And I would have answered a resounding “YES” to all of those questions.

Well about that time, I found my solid better half in Amanda, who I have been dating for the last three years.  Two years ago, we moved in together.  She works full-time and is a full-time graduate student.  Something had to give, meaning I either had to find the money to purchase a whole lot of meals, or I had to learn how to at least help out with the cooking.

My Blog is the fruit of those last few years.  At least once a week, I find the time to cook her something special–maybe a little out of the ordinary, or maybe something ordinary with a new twist.  Sometimes it requires her help and ideas, but more and more I am finding good fits on my own and sometimes even better ideas.

Here, I would like to share some of those thoughts, recipes, and ideas with you–the reader, who also struggles with cooking.  The meal suggestions here are going to range from the very basic to more advanced meals that I will try to simply for you.  Most importantly, there should be nothing here that could be considered cruel and unusual punishment when you attempt to go about cooking it.

If you are a more advanced chef, this might not be the place for you.  However, be open to the possibility that some of these suggestions may be great ideas that get overlooked.

Lets face it, I am never going to get a job working at the town’s best restaurant, let alone Applebees or Olive Garden.  However, I can fend for myself now and I am finding that I really enjoy it!

With my Blog, maybe I can help you do the same.

3 thoughts on “Can’t Cook? Well Neither Can I! But You Can Learn and I Can Show You How”

  1. I used to be that person as well. I used to be scared and nervous every time I was going to cook anything. I was even afraid of cooking an egg, really.

    What got me into cooking was my pregnancy and then my baby. I just wanted the best food for us and it was clear to me that I needed to put some effort and patience to learn how to cook.

    I’m still learning but I can say I feel comfortable and confident when I cook. I still love to learn new tricks and recipes, so I’ll be around.

  2. I was 19 when I moved out of my parents home and all the way to other side of the world, for 6 months I lived with my grandma and aunt. But after that I went on living on my own in a dorm & needed to cook for myself.

    I learned the hard way: asking advice here & there, but it was mostly just trial and error. That was over 4 years ago, I won’t say I’m a chef now but compared to other students my age I do can say that I can cook (still with some lill help sometimes, but hey: life is learning)

  3. I like the whole idea of inspiring people to cook on their own, it’s one of the most fulfilling things to do for yourself and others. Only one problem boss, you forgot to put the name or url of your blog. Maybe I’m just burned out from work, but I didn’t see it anywhere in the whole article.

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